About Us

Who we are?

Sai Granito India, an esteemed entity within the illustrious Heda Group, traces its inception back to the vibrant year of 1982. Nestled in the resplendent marble city of Rajasthan, Kishangarh, it was conceived by the visionary luminary Shri Bal Mukund ji Heda. His indomitable spirit and unwavering vision birthed a company that aspired to become the epitome of excellence, offering a comprehensive solution for discerning aficionados of marble and granite. Sai Granito India, with its unrivaled artistry, meticulously sources, mines, processes, polishes, and delicately packages the most exquisite marbles and granites, unveiling a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors and intricate patterns within its majestic factory in Kishangarh.

Within the illustrious realm of the Heda Group, an enchanting realm where Tiles, Gangsaw Slabs, Cutter Slabs, Counter Tops, Steps, and an array of architectural wonders coalesce harmoniously under one magnificent roof, their paramount objective is to provide patrons with marbles and granites that transcend the realms of conventional brilliance and durability. Anchored by state-of-the-art machinery and an impeccably designed infrastructure, Sai Granito India passionately endeavors to bestow upon its cherished clientele a resplendent lineage of marbles and granites that emanate not only a captivating luster but also an enduring longevity. When it comes to quality, Sai Granito India remains steadfast, never swaying from its commitment to perfection.


Our relentless pursuit is to emerge as a paragon of professionalism, an oasis of solace for those seeking a comprehensive Granite and Marble solution, distinguished by unwavering reliability, steadfast commitment, and unparalleled dedication. Moreover, we continuously strive to enhance the quality of our services, ensuring they remain accessible at realistic costs, all graciously encapsulated within a single destination, as we resolutely focus on cultivating the utmost customer satisfaction.

This is a solemn pledge we extend wholeheartedly to each and every one of our esteemed patrons. Furthermore, we vow to deliver naught but the epitome of excellence, adorning every cherished space with an exquisite amalgamation of elegance, finesse, and everlasting brilliance. Behold the captivating hues and patterns that emanate from the very bosom of Mother Earth, allowing oneself to be enveloped by the resplendence and grandeur of nature’s majestic embrace. We promise an unparalleled Granite experience, a comprehensive journey that unfolds in a complete 360-degree panorama.


Our unwavering dedication to bestow upon you marbles and granites of exceptional quality, irrespective of quantity or geographical location, promptly and precisely as promised, all the while maintaining highly competitive prices, forms but a mere fraction of the myriad reasons to select Sai Granito India. We proudly offer an integrated suite of services, possessing an end-to-end functional prowess spanning from mining to distribution, ensuring seamless project delivery.

Sai Granito India stands adorned with dedicated facilities meticulously designed to serve both the domestic and export markets, thereby exhibiting unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, our strategic alliances with esteemed mine owners across the vast expanse of India empower us to procure marble and granite of the utmost quality, all at the most favorable prices imaginable.

Sai Granito India proudly showcases the most extensive assemblage of Indian marbles and Indian Granite, proffering an exquisite kaleidoscope of choices for our esteemed patrons. To guarantee the zenith of quality, all the intricate processes within our illustrious processing facilities are meticulously governed by ISO certifications. We stand resolute as a distinguished member of the esteemed Allied Products Export Promotion Council, an eminent agency of the Government of India.