Where can I see all the colors of granites that Sai Granito India sells?

Customers can see and get information on granite colours offered by Sai granito india on its website:

www.saigranitoindia.com For queries, mail us to info@saigranitoindia.com or dial +91 7014855220 to request for a catalogue.

Can I mix different colors in one container?

Yes, this is possible.

Are the colors on the website a true representation of the actual material?

Photographical representations of the product may vary due to light source, monitor settings and also, because of the fact that only a small part of the sample slab is visible on the website. However, customers can ask for the photographs of the original slab from our sales team.

What finishes are available on granites apart from the polished finish?

Granite products are available in a number of finishes that include honed, flamed, flamed+brushed, leather finish, lapatro and sandblasted.

How is packing done?

In strong and durable crates made from good quality, dry wood.

Since how long we are in the Stone Industry?

We are in this Industry for more than 40 years.