CURATED BY EXPERTS, our stones are then meticulously processed to ensure only the finest quality is offered to our clients.

Multi Wire

We Have 1 Multi diamond wire machine to saw slabs in thicknesses of 20 mm, 30 mm, or more. The structural robustness combined with the characteristic triangle system makes it possible to saw marble and granite blocks to make slabs of various thicknesses.


We have 15 Granite Cutters to fulfill our client demands for our product and quality as per their order.


Also, We process our stones in resin treatment at 40 - 45 degrees celsius to enhance the beauty and durability of our stones.

Line Polishing Machine (LPM)

To give the finest polish to our stones we treat them with 20 headliner polish machines to enhance their shine.


After all these processes we deliver the finest quality stones to our customers.